Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Just a joke


Do you want a cookie, Budi?".
Since there is no answer from her little son, she ask again:"Budi, do you want cookie? Why must I ask you twice?".

"Because mom, I want two coocies!".

Joke :
Strolling through Bali's supreme honeymoon resort. Sidin Bungul was a picture of bliss.

"But, Mr. Bungul", asked the local barkeeper, "how is it you come here on your honeymoon without the wife?".

"Are you mad, man?", said Bungul."Sure if she came who'd look after the shop?".
Joke :
Pretty a little student asked her teacher: "Teacher, would you punish anyone for something wrong she do?".

"Of course, I would punish her. Why?".
"Teacher, would you punish anyone for something she didn't do?".

"Certainly not!".

"Good. Because I didn't do my homework!".

Joke :
A man in a restaurant said to a stranger sitting at the next table, "Do you realize that you are reading your newspaper upside down?".

"Of course I realize it. Do you think it's easy?".
It was late at night and Anwar was looking for something under a street lamp.

"What are you looking for?" Asked the kindly Anita.
"I lost my wallet down the street and I'm searching for it".
"But if you lost it down the street, why are you searching here for?".

"Sure there's more light".

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